we can help you stay strong

If you are a victim of bad web browsing habits or porn addiction, you may know the feeling:


You are strong and determined to change in the morning - but still can't help yourself from being weak and falling back into bad habits later in the day.


Wasting countless hours on social media instead of getting your work done. Browsing porn websites to feed your addiction, leaving you empty inside afterwards, asking yourself if you couldn't have used your time in a better, more fulfilling way.


We know the feeling. We all do. The feeling of being weak in moments that you wish you were strong.


That is why a growing number of victims of all kinds of internet addictions is resorting to installing parental control filters on their devices.


So they can't access that gambling website anymore. Or so they will only browse their facebook after work. Or to keep themselves from wasting countless hours on online porn.


The only downside of this approach is that they still have access to their passwords and can disable the filters at any time. 

so what is the solution?

You could entrust your passwords to a friend or a loved one. Sure. But what if you don't want your friends or spouse to know about your addiction or bad habits?


Or you could just set up a random password for the filtering software, so that you can't disable it anymore. Sure. But what if the filters you set up conflict with other software, or suddenly sites are being blocked that you didn't want to be blocked? What if you blocked too many categories and now you can't access your online banking anymore? Don't laugh, it happened to us...


This is, where we want to step in. We want to help you make the decisions to stay strong, in moments you are strong - and stick to it, in moments you are weak.


We offer to manage your access to any passwords for any accountability or parental control software that you provide us with, for however long you want us to.


We can manage your settings or configuration (if the software you installed is manageable online) if they need adjustments.

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We know how difficult it is to fight a porn addiction or to get rid of bad, time wasting surfing habits. The internet is a jungle. So let a gorilla watch over you. We want to help you stick to your resolutions and provide a service, we wish we had, when battling our weaknesses.

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