who is accountabilitygorilla

We had the idea of providing this password management and accountability service, because we couldn't find anything like it anywhere else on the internet.


And we found that the most effective method for keeping yourself away from destructive internet habits is installing a filtering or accountability software on your devices.


This way, you're protected. But only as long as you have the self control to not simply disable them in a weak moment - when you would actually need them to stop yourself.


Setting yourself a random password is a solution to this - but if you want to have a longer lasting impact on your internet habits, this doesn't work either. Because things change.


What happens, if you install some new software that doesn't interact well with the control software? Or you set up your filtering settings super-strict, but didn't notice that you can't access your online banking anymore?


But what if there was someone who would hold on to your passwords, for as long as you want them to? Like an accountability buddy, only anonymously. Someone who will not give you the login information back for a predetermined amount of time, but can still manage your settings (like unblocking certain sites, or changing some other filter settings) for you?


We had that problem and felt lost in the internet jungle. We wished we had the possibility we now want to offer to you. Let us be strong for you - so that the resolutions you make in strong moments, don't go overboard in moments of weakness.


No more wasting time on social media, gambling or online porn. We make sure of it.


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why gorilla?

Since the internet is a jungle: who else would be a better symbol of strength than a gorilla?

why us?

Because we fight the same fight as you.

We know your pain and we want to help you win.

why me?

We are talking to you, if you feel like you need a strong partner that can help you stay clean in the internet.

about us

We know how difficult it is to fight a porn addiction or to get rid of bad, time wasting surfing habits. The internet is a jungle. So let a gorilla watch over you. We want to help you stick to your resolutions and provide a service, we wish we had, when battling our weaknesses.

contact us

Feel free to shoot us questions. Help us improve! We strive to be there for you. After all, that's the whole idea!


Just be sure to bring bananas...