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How many hours a day do you spend on facebook? Or instagram? Or twitter? Or reddit? Or tumblr?


The list of social media is endless. And while it's great to stay in touch with friends, you don't need to do it 24h a day. Checking for updates can become an addiction, faster than your friends can share pointless cat videos.


Did you ever have an important project being due the next day? Or an x-page essay to submit?


Recognizing your own addiction is not easy. And it's difficult to fight it - and even more difficult to stick with your good resolutions.


Disabling access to social media during your working hours is a good way to be productive, when you need to. No more temptation to waste hours on checking pointless news feeds or posts, that you could check after having done your work, too!


You can do this easily by installing productivity software or parental controls on the devices that you don't want to be tempted on. You can configure both in a way that you will not be able to browse facebook, twitter, tumblr, or whatever other sites, during times you need to work and be productive, anymore.


A trusted method is to put an unknown password in after setting everything up, so you can't disable the control software anymore. With some productivity software, you can even prevent yourself from being able to change settings anymore or disable it at all. But. And this is a big but:


What happens if your work hours change? This is just one example - there is a myriad of other possibilities, when you would need to apply changes to the settings. But now you can't, because you don't know the password you put in or the software will not let you make changes?


This is where we want to step in. We will change the password or login info, so you will not be able to circumvent the software anymore. But if there are settings that need to be adjusted, we can do this for you!


Of course it's hard to give up control. Of course it's going to hurt. It's like quitting smoking. But being here is the first step!


Let's go the next steps together.

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We know how difficult it is to fight a porn addiction or to get rid of bad, time wasting surfing habits. The internet is a jungle. So let a gorilla watch over you. We want to help you stick to your resolutions and provide a service, we wish we had, when battling our weaknesses.

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Feel free to shoot us questions. Help us improve! We strive to be there for you. After all, that's the whole idea!


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