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/ how it works

STEP 1. Install any parental control, accountability, filtering or productivity software you want on the devices that you need to.


Note: it's best, you choose a software, that offers the possibility to be managed remotely - this way we can help you and adjust settings, if there should be problems with your filtering choices.


STEP 2. Set the software up the way you want to. You know yourself best, after all! For example, if you don't want to be tempted to browse online porn anymore, just block the categories or websites you need to.


Note: every software is different. While some enable you to block entire categories, others may not have that feature. Just choose the one you like best. And if you need a recommendation, feel free to ask us!


STEP 3. You sign up for one of our plans and send us the information we need to manage the account.


STEP 4. If everything went well, we will change the account password (and if you want to be super-sure not to be able to cheat, even the account email address - just tell us what you need here). Depending on the service you chose, we can further adjust settings or work together with you on your browsing habits.


STEP 5. You are protected! Now you are not tempted to bypass any filtering anymore.

/ our services explained

basic Accountability

We will hold on to and/or change your password or login data to prevent you from disabling your control or filtering software.


You set up the filtering software of your choice the way you like. Then you send us the info that you want us to keep safe for you and we will give access back to you when you choose to end the service.


If you need to adjust filtering during this time, we can do it for you. So you're not tempted to disable filtering.

Advanced Accountability

This service offers you anything you get with the basic password management.


Just with a lot more support.


If there need the filtering settings to be adjusted, or whatever else the problem may be, you can contact us anytime.

Ultimate accountability

This service has the same idea as the others. Just with cherries on top!


We can work out a plan together to find out what you need!


We act as your accountability partner and keep track on if you stay on the right track.


We can check in with you and the controls software to see if you stay on the right track to achieve your goals.


If you want us to adjust the filtering to a stricter level, if we catch you cheating (browsing porn, social media or gambling sites that slip through filtering) - we can do that if you want us to.


We want this service to be as individual and special as yourself. So just discuss your expectations and needs with us - we will find a solution to help you!

what do you need?

All you need to do is to download any one of the many parental control or internet filtering softwares available today (there is a lot of free ones, too!).


You install it on your devices and send us your login information.


Most of the softwares on the market today, offer the possibility to manage settings remotely - it's best you choose one of those, because we then can adjust settings according to you, during your porn or social media detox (also depending on the plan you chose).

what do we need?

We just need you to setup parental controls or an internet filtering software on your devices (desktop or mobile, or whatever other devices you can think of).


After this, we can change the passwords and be your accountability partner, for how ever long you tell us to.


If there are any problems with the settings you set up - we are here to adjust them for you. This way you will not be tempted to disable filtering on your devices.

will you be able to get access back anytime?

It depends on if you want to. But you have to decide this beforehand. If, for example, you have a severe porn addiction - a stricter plan might suit you best.


And think about it: if you could disable the filtering anytime you'd like to, there would be no point in even having it, right?


If you choose not to be able to disable the filtering software you installed before the time is up, it's not going to be an easy road - because after all, a porn or social media addiction works like any other addiction: you will not want to quit!


But the longer you choose to abstain the better the effect on your habits will be - and your goal of living without distraction from social media or porn will hopefully not stay just an empty resolution anymore.

will you be able to make changes to filter settings?

No. But that is what we are here for!


If you do the classic "I put in a random password and forget it" approach you can run into problems later on.


The productivity or parental control software you installed might interact badly with some other programs. Or if you need to stay undistracted during your home-office work hours but you change your work schedule later on. Or the filtering is still not strict enough for you to live porn-free.


You don't have a crystal ball - neither do we! Nobody can foresee what will happen during your detox.


We can fix this: you don't know the login for the filtering software anymore and so you can not disable it - while still being able to get adjustments to your control settings done with us!

can I get control back?

Yes! But, for this service to make sense, we will only hand the password back to you at the end of the month, if you cancel your subscription.


You want to do a porn or social media detox? It's not an easy road, like with any addiction.


But: it's for your best! 

what happens to my login info?

We will change the passwords (and email, if you need extra security) and store them securely to make it impossible for you to disable any control or filtering software you installed.


And of course, we can use it to manage the parental control or filtering settings - that is if you want us to.


Don't worry. We can't stress this enough. No one but us will have access to any info about and from you! Your data is safe with us.


what if I need my password?

What happens if you need to adjust the filtering settings? Or what if you are still able to browse some porn or social media or gambling sites, you didn't consider, when setting up the filtering?


Well, that's what we are here for: we can manage the settings for you, without you being tempted to turn filtering off.

contact us!

Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time! We want to provide you with the best service possible. So, if you have suggestions, questions or critique - just send an email!